Rules of Nature Cannot be Challenged – Short stories for kids

Rules of Nature Cannot be Challenged - Short stories for kidsRules of Nature Cannot be Challenged

This story is about a crow couple. They lived in the jungle. They made their nest on a tall tree. A family of cuckoos lived on a nearby tree. Every morning they sang songs. The female crow also wanted to sing a song. She tried to copy them, but failed. She felt very jealous.

After a month, she laid eggs. Few days later female cuckoo also laid eggs. Mother crow was waiting for her eggs to hatch soon. She incubated them with a wish. She wanted her children to sing songs just like cuckoos. After a couple of days her eggs hatched in to two little nestlings. Mean while cuckoo’s eggs were also hatched. Mother crow tried her best to teach singing to her children. She did not understand that it is against the rule of nature. God has blessed every creature with a unique voice.

Mother crow was very disappointed. Every morning, mother cuckoo and her kids sang songs. Mother crow felt very jealous. She made a plan. Their nestlings grow up and left their nest.

After few months, mother cuckoo again laid eggs. This time mother crow did not laid egg in her own nest. She laid her eggs in the nest of cuckoos. She was very happy that now her child will also sing a song. Cuckoo’s eggs hatched in to little nestlings. The egg of mother crow also hatched in to little crow. All the nestlings of cuckoos were also dark. They could not identify the crow. Mother cuckoo fed the crow along with her own kids.

After few days, crow nestling also grew up along with cuckoo’s nestling. Now mother cuckoo decided to teach them. She wanted to teach them singing. So, she began the practice. She taught them how to say coo-coo. All of them learnt it but the crow nestling cannot. It tried to say coo-coo. Crow nestling can only say caw-caw.

When crow nestling said caw-caw, cuckoo nestling stated laughing on it. They teased crow nestling badly. Next morning, mother cuckoo left the nest. She went in search of food for her kids. Mean while cuckoo nestlings made fun of the crow nestling. They pecked him and injured him. At last, they pushed the little crow out of their nest.

Mother crow was sitting in her nest. She saw her kid falling out of the nest. She went to her and picked her up. At last she brought her back to her own nest. Mother crow learnt the lesson. The rules of nature cannot be challenged. We have to follow them. Nature has decided everyone’s destiny. We must accept it and feel pride on it. We must not feel jealous about what we do not have. If we feel happy on God’s blessings, we can live a nice and contented life.

In this story, mother crow tried to challenge rules of nature. She could not learn the songs of cuckoo. She found that she must stay happy with her own voice.

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