Rosie the Rose Bush – Short stories for kids

Rosie the Rose Bush - Short stories for kidsRosie the Rose Bush

Far away over the seas, there was a country where people had never seen roses. Once a sailor brought a bush of red roses and gave it to the king Francis. The gardeners planted the bush before the castle and waited for it to bloom.

The bush grew and so its sharp thorns did. The king was getting angry with the sailor for such a present. He commanded to capture the sailor and put him into the jail. The sailor was praying for the whole night and, in the morning, the gardeners noticed the first flower on the rosebush. Rosie, the bush, greeted them in her own way. However, her happiness did not last for a long time. The gardeners cut the flower to show it to their king. Rosie was angry because they stole her precious flower without her permission.

Francis liked the flower and released the sailor. On walking through the garden, the sailor stopped at the rosebush and thanked Rosie for her wonderful flower and for his freedom. Rosie was happy to hear that her flowers gave freedom to this strange man and made him feel happy too.

Rosie understood that even small things could bring happiness into somebody’s life. Rosie gave flowers to people and they admired her beauty. She blushed when they showed their excitement to her. Her roses were getting more and more beautiful and presented all the people with their gentle smell.

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