Man With Long Beard – Short stories for kids

Man With Long Beard - Short stories for kidsMan With Long Beard

Once, a middle aged man lived in a village. His name was Richard. Richard was fond of reading books. Every day, he brought a new book. He was very addicted to reading books. He had a long beard. This long beard gave him a noble appearance.

Richard had his own library. There was each and every kind of books in it. Richard’s library had both national and international books. One day, Richard went to see his friend. His friend was also fond of reading books. When he reached at his home, he found his friend reading a very massive book. Richard wanted to see the book. After initial greeting, Richard asked his friend to borrow him that book. His friend was reluctant to give him that book. He told him that it is very worth full and costly book. He has purchased that book recently. Richard promised his friend that he will soon return his book.

After this, Richard came back his home. He was very excited about the book. He anxiously took his dinner. After dinner, Richard went to his room. He sat down on his writing table. He opened the book and read it with great zeal. Richard read half of that book and got sleep.

Richard was a merchant as well. In the day time, he used to give all the time to his business and read books at the night. Next night, he again opened the book but at the same moment the light went out. Richard could not wait for the light to come. He decided to complete that book in the candle light. He started reading the book. During this, he came across a sentence. It was stated in the sentence that those men who have long beard are fools.

Richard was very distressed. After reading this sentence, he cannot read that book any more. He was in deep thought. Richard always imagined himself as dignified and scholarly person. According to him, his long beard made him look like that. He felt very upset about his long beard. He felt that his view about himself was not a reality. It was just a delusion.

Richard thought that without this long beard, he would look better. So, he decided to shorten his beard. He gathered his beard in his hands. He took the candle and brought it near to his beard. His beard caught fire. It burnt more quickly than his expectation. In no time, his entire beard was gone.

A spark leaped up and reached his hairs. All his hairs reduced to the ash. He got up and saw his face in the front mirror. Richard started crying. Hearing his cry, his family members came running. All of them were shocked to see him. Smoke was curling up from his face and head. There was no hair on his face and head.

They bring water. After drowsing him with it, they asked him, “What happened?” At this Richard told them the whole story. He said, “I read in the book that those men who have long beard are fool and I behaved like one.”

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