Love generates love – Short stories for kids

Love generates love - Short stories for kidsLove generates love

Once there was a little girl. She was a nice and kind girl. She loved her grandmother very much. Her grandmother used to tell her stories. The name of that girl was Jasmine. Jasmine loved to listen bedtime stories from her grandmother.

One night, her grandmother told her a story. It was about a poor bird. The bird was very thirsty but there was no water available. At last, poor bird died due to thirst.

Jasmine felt very sad for the poor little bird. She told her grandmother that she wanted to help thirsty birds. Summer was approaching. The weather was becoming more and more hot.

One day, Jasmine was coming back from her school. She saw many birds were sitting under shades of trees. “I will grow up many trees”, she made her mind.

She emptied her water bottle in to a little cup. She placed that cup under the tree. Jasmine stood far apart in order to see. Birds got gather near the water. They drank the water. They looked at her with great joy. Jasmine felt that those little birds were praying for her. She felt very glad and returned back to her home.

In the evening, Jasmine told her grandmother that she helped little birds. Her grandmother was very happy. “I love you my little sweet princess”, said the grandmother with great joy.

At night, her grandmother took her to the lawn. They placed many bowls full of water in their lawn. Jasmine was very excited and happy.

Jasmine made her habit to serve little creatures. One day, Jasmine found a bird in her balcony. It was very sick. Little bird was about to die. Jasmine brought the bird inside. She placed it in the shade and gave water and grains to the bird.

She took great care of that little bird. Her grandmother guided her a lot. “Look grandmother! How beautiful this little bird is”, Jasmine said with excitement.

“I want to keep this bird with me”, She added. Her grandmother told her that birds also have families. “Can you stay alone in a cage”, said the grandmother. “No! Not at all, I will die without all of you”, Jasmine said with great concern.

“Release the bird my little girl, it will pray for you”, her grandmother said. Jasmine got understand that it is very difficult to stay in the cage.

Her grandmother told her that this bird might have little kids. They would be waiting for her. Jasmine went in to the lawn. She released the bird. She was happy for her good deed.

Next morning, she heard a beautiful song of a bird. She went to the lawn. That bird had returned back. It was not alone. She came with two little nestlings. They were golden brown and beautiful. Jasmine was very excited. She went near them.

She even picked those nestlings in to her hands. The bird looked at her with its grateful eyes. Helping ad spreading love is great virtue indeed.

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