Love the Animals – Short stories for kids

Love the Animals - Short stories for kidsLove the Animals

This story is about a little girl. Her name was Marry. Marry lived with her family. She was very nice and kind with her family as well as friends. Marry loved the animals. She had a golden fish. The name of her fish was “Edi”. Edi also loved Marry. Marry changed her water every day. She never forgets to feed her.

In the neighboring house, a girl lived. Her name was Dora. Dora was class mate of Marry. She was a proud and stubborn girl. Nobody likes her in the class. The whole class loved to play with Marry. Dora felt very jealous.

One day, teacher told them about animals. She told them to love them. Moreover teacher asked them about their pets. Marry told that she has a golden fish and she loves her fish very much. Moreover, she told the teacher that she always fed her fish on time. Teacher was very happy with her. She appreciated her and praised her. Dora felt more jealous.

Dora came back from the school. She went to her father and demanded two golden fishes. Her mother was not in favor of it. She knew that her daughter is a careless girl. But Dora insisted again and again. She started crying. At last, her father took a promise. She promised that she will look after the fish properly. She also promised to feed them on proper time.

Next day, Dora’s father brought her two golden fishes. Dora was very happy. She did not love them. She was only happy that she got what she demanded. Now she can also impress her teacher and class mates. She did not feed her fish. Both fish were very hungry. Dora went to her school without feeding them.

In the class, Dora told teacher and class mates that she has two golden fish. She also told them that her fish are more beautiful. She only wanted to satisfy her envy. After the class, all her class mated gathered around her. They wanted to see her golden fish. Dora promised to take them home after the school.

After the school, her class mates went with her. She brought all of them to her home. She takes them to her room. They were shocked to see the condition of fish. All fish tank was full of dirt. There was bad smell coming from it. Moreover, both golden fish were dead.

Dora was very ashamed of her attitude. She felt very guilty. She killed both innocent animals in her jealousy. She went to Marry. She told her about the death of her fish. Marry felt sorry for little creatures. Dora made apologize. She promised that she will never felt jealous. Marry forgive her.

Both of them became good friends. They played and studied together. Dora learnt that we should love everybody. Jealousy is just like fire that can burn everything. So we should care our pets. They are also living being like us. They do have feelings. Animals love to live in the nature. So, we must provide natural environment to our pets.

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