information about woodpecker for kids

information about woodpecker for kids Information about woodpecker for kids

Tomorrow I was in a garden with my family what I saw? A woodpecker was there using its bills to dig the tree. I have studied about them once, woodpecker live in wooded areas and they use their bills to prey upon insects from the trees. They burrow tree cavities for bide, both male and female make their habitat there. They are well adapted to their surroundings where they live. They Acquaintance with life. Their average lifetime is 10 to 15 years. There are more than 180 breeds of woodpecker.


Red-Headed Woodpecker:
The attractive Red-headed woodpecker is so bravely designed with an entirely red head, white colored body and partially inky black feather. They eat a lot of acorns and beech nuts. They mostly live in pine trees and other open copse. The red-headed woodpecker is the one of the most mort American woodpeckers who stores food for their own and also awning their food. They hide their food in cracks of the trees. Red-headed Woodpeckers are angry protectors of their area. Red-headed woodpeckers may remove the eggs of other species from their nest; they abort other birds’ nests, and even hole the duck eggs. The striking Red-headed Woodpecker has attained a place in human culture. Cherokee Indians used the species for the symbol of war. The Red-headed Woodpecker has many Appellations. Red- headed woodpecker has a very loud pitch voice. When chivy each other they make shrillcharr-charr notes. They also tap slowly on exterior near the nest gap when they want communicate with their mates.


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