Do not Hate Anybody – Short stories for kids

Do not Hate Anybody - Short stories for kidsDo not Hate Anybody

Once, there was a teacher. Her name was Miss Flory. She was very kind and hardworking teacher. She loved her students very much. One day, Miss Flory entered her class. She found some of her students were quarrelling. She felt very upset and sad. She wanted to see her students living in peace with each other. She decided to give a moral lesson to her students.

Miss Flory came to the class. She told her students that she will give them an assignment. All the class had to bring tomatoes. “Number of tomatoes must be equal to the number of persons, you dislike”, said Miss Flory. All the students were very excited. It is a new and different kind of assignment. They had not even heard of such a task before.

Next day, all the students brought tomatoes. Some of them brought two to three tomatoes while others brought more. Those students who hated more people had to lift more weight. It is more difficult to carry many tomatoes.

All the students were anxiously waiting for the teacher. When their teacher entered the room, they greeted her well. The teacher asked them about their assignment. She checked tomatoes of each and every student.

After this, their teacher said that, “you have to keep these tomatoes with you for four days.” All the class was very surprised. Teacher also told them that they have to keep those tomatoes even when they are sleeping.

All the students got understand. Next day, tomatoes started giving bad smell. They started decaying. Moreover, it was very difficult to carry them all the time. Students were very worried. Those students who had fewer tomatoes were bit relaxed but those who had lots of tomatoes were very upset.

Next day, teacher asked them about their experiences. “It is very difficult to carry these tomatoes”, said one student. “I cannot bear their bad smell”, said another teacher.

Their teacher said that I can only give you a single relaxation. She reduced the time of their assignment. Now, they had to keep those tomatoes for one more day. Their tomatoes got rotten. It was very hard for students to bear awful smell.

Next day, teacher came to the class. She told them to throw out their tomatoes. All of them went to throw rotten tomatoes in the dust bin. When they returned back to the class, their teacher was waiting for them.

She asked about their experiences. They told the teacher about their sufferings. “Now I will tell you about the purpose of this task”, said the teacher. “If you hate someone, it is just like placing a tomato with you all the time. You have to bear its weight. With the passage of time, it gets rotten. It starts giving bad smell. Hating someone can spoil your heart and soul. It makes your life very difficult. It is very easy to hate someone because it takes courage to love.” All the class learnt a good moral lesson. They decided that they will never hate anyone.

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