Friendship Lasts Forever – Short stories for kids

Friendship Lasts Forever - Short stories for kidsFriendship Lasts Forever

Once, there was a boy. He studied in a school. He was very kind to his class fellows. His name was Rock. Rock always stood first in his class. He was a very diligent student. All the teachers liked him very much.

One day, Rock was walking across the play ground of his school. It was break time. Rock found a boy crying. The boy was very upset. Rock went to him. He asked him the reason. The boy told him that his leg has been injured. He was not able to move. Rock rushed to the principal. As a result, that injured boy was taken to the hospital.

After a week, that boy again came to the school. He was fit now. His name was Jack. He met the Rock. He thanked Rock for his good behavior. They became good friends. They used to spend time together.

One day, Rock forgot to bring his lunch. He was very hungry. It was break time. All his class fellows were having their lunch. He was feeling very sad. He stood up from his seat and went out of his class.

Rock sat on a bench. None of his class fellow shared his lunch with him. He had helped them in many ways. Now he was in difficulty and there was no one to help him.

Meanwhile, Jack came there. He saw that his friend is sitting alone. Jack came to him and asked the reason of his sadness. Rock told him that he forgot to bring his lunch and he is very hungry. It is very hard to bear the hunger.

Jack brought his own lunch. He gave it to Rock. Rock was very happy. “I will not eat it alone. I want you to eat with me”, said the Rock. Both of them enjoyed the lunch. Rock thanked him for his graciousness. “We are friends. Nothing is more important than caring in the friendship”, said the Jack.

Time went on. Rock grew up to become an elder man. He had his own industry. He was living a very contented life with his wife and two kids. God had blessed him with many things. Rock was very satisfied with his life. For long time he had no contact with the Jack. Sometimes he used to miss his friend.

One day, Rock was returning from his office. He saw a man sitting on a foot path. He seemed recognizable to the Rock. Rock stopped his car. He went to that man. Rock asked his name. The man smiled at him. “Have not you recognized me”, he asked.

“Are you Jack?” asked the rock. “Yes I am”, the man said. Rock took him to his car. He asked him what he is doing on the foot path. Jack told his old friend that he is jobless. He had nothing to eat for many days. He was sitting on the footpath to find some work. Rock felt very sad. He gave him a good job in his office.

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