Facts about Vulture for kids – Interesting Information about Vulture

Facts about Vulture for kids - Interesting Information about VultureVultures are group of birds that eat dead bodies of animals, birds and humans. There is wide variety of vultures in the world.

Vultures are large birds of prey that have different body appearance according to their specie. Generally vultures have bare head. They have strong body. They have two strong wings for flying and two legs for walking. Their foot have claws which are very strong. Vultures are of many colors and types. Their color may vary from white, black, grey to brown. They have sharp and curved beak.

Vultures are scavenger that mean they feed on dead animals. They eat the flesh/meat of dead animals, humans and birds. Their claws hold the prey or dead body very tightly and sharp mails also help in tearing the food.

Vultures have very excellent eyesight. Their sharp eyesight help them to find food. They can detect the food from very far distance.
They fly in circles in the air and slowly come down to the ground.

Importance of vultures:
As vultures feed on dead decaying bodies of animals and humans, they are very important for environment. They eat wide range of bacteria and other parasites that would spread diseases in human being. They remove or kill thousand and millions of dangerous bacteria from environment.
Save Vultures:
Vultures are good friends of us but their population is decreasing day by day. There should be some important care for their protection.

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