Facts about Rooster for kids – Interesting Information about Rooster

Facts about Rooster for kids - Interesting Information about RoosterRooster is male of chicken bird. It is medium sized bird found with its female in different regions of world. Rooster is also domesticated along with female chicken.

Rooster is colorful bird that has different features from female chicken. Its tail is long as compared with female. Its body is bulky. It has feathers on its skin and legs are bare but strong. Both male and female chicken has comb of red color on it. Its comb is fleshy. Its colors vary from white, red and brown as of female chicken

Rooster is insectivorous. It eats insects and all invertebrates  that it finds. Rooster also eats seeds and grains.

Rooster is domestic bird so mostly they are seen in houses and poultry farms to obtain meat.

Rooster crooks is their important behavior. They crook early in the morning at fixed time daily. Rooster has aggressive nature basically. They show aggressive behavior against dogs and other animals. This behavior is for protection against the predators.

Roosters are important source of meat. Female chicken lays eggs so along with meat eggs are also obtained but male is only source of meat. However in Asian countries male cock is also raised for other purposes. These purposes include cock fight. In this fight rooster owners train them for fighting and then a fighting competition is arranged. In this competition two rooster fight with each other. However this game is not following the rules of animal rights. It should be noticed and banned.

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