Facts about Dove for kids – Interesting Information about Dove

Facts about Dove for kids - Interesting Information about DoveDove is a beautiful bird that belongs to pigeon family. It is very peaceful bird. It is also thought to be bird of love. They are found in open areas in fields and barren lands.

It is medium sized bird that resembles to pigeon in appearance. It may have wings of  white, tan and black spots colors. It has small legs and beautiful beak. It has little and round eyes. Its tail is long and beak is small.

Doves can be found all around but not in deep forests. They usually like open areas. They are mostly found in fields where they can easily get seeds and grains. They are also found in bare lands and on the trees and electric or telephone wires near human population. They make nests to live and lay eggs in it.

Doves make a beautiful sound. This sound is made to call its fellow dove either male or female. Their sounds are very famous among all birds and more liked by human beings. Quail dove is a bird that makes most beautiful singing sound. Its singing is very pleasant to human ears.

Dove eats seeds and grains. They swallow the whole seed because they do not need to remove its husk.  They also eat insects. They hunt the flying insects and eat them. If you rear dove, you can provide them seeds and insect to eat and commercial food is also available for doves.

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