Color Mixing is Fun – Short stories for kids

Color Mixing is Fun - Short stories for kidsColor Mixing is Fun

It is story of a little boy. His name was Jimmy. Jimmy was five years old. He lived with his family. Jimmy loved to play with his father and elder brother. His father was a painter. One day jimmy’s father was working in his art room. Jimmy went on and sat beside him. His father was painting a beautiful tree. Jimmy sat there silently. He loved the way his father gives strokes to his painting.

At night, Jimmy laid down on his bed. He closed his eyes in order to sleep but with his closed eyes he saw something. He saw hands of his father, moving in remarkable way. Jimmy was totally inspired. He also wanted to learn all those things. He decided that he will ask his father to teach him.

Next morning, all the family sat on the table in order to get breakfast. Jimmy was happy and excited. Noticing his happiness, his mother asked him the reason. Jimmy told them that he love to do painting and he also want to learn it. His father was very happy that his child wants to adopt his occupation. He told Jimmy that he will teach him each and every thing about painting. Moreover, he told his little boy that one day he will become a great painter.

After breakfast, his father was about to go on work. Jimmy also went with him. He saw his father working with enthusiasm. He was highly motivated to learn painting. Jimmy’s father came and told him that today he will teach him about colors. He gave him a little book. Jimmy learnt names of all colors from that book. At noon, he came back with his father. On the dining table all family gathered to take lunch. Jimmy’s mother asked him about his day. Jimmy was very excited. He told his mother that he learnt a lot today.

At night, he laid down on his bed. He was thinking about the coming day. He was imagining what he will learn tomorrow. He could not wait for the next day. Next morning, Jimmy went with his father. His father told him that today he will teach about mixing colors. He asked jimmy, “Do you know how we make green color?” Jimmy told that he does not have any idea about it. His father brought two paint boxes and a bucket. He added equal amounts of yellow and blue paints in the bucket. He gave a scapula to his little son. He asked him to mix them well. Jimmy mixed them and he was surprised to see the result. There was green paint in the bucket instead of blue or yellow. Jimmy was very excited to see this.

Next day, he learnt about making purple color. His father gave him two paint boxes. One of them was blue and other one was red. He gave him a bucket too. Jimmy’s father told him to do what he learnt yesterday. Jimmy did the same. He found that mixing red and blue results in purple color. Jimmy learnt about making all different colors. He decided to be a professional painter. Jimmy and his family were very happy.

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